Hey it’s Val, how are you doing? I hope you are doing well. Deal-breakers in relationships are things that will cause you to call it quits immediately. It’s a trait in a romantic partner that outweighs any other amazing positive attributes they have. These are exactly the things I screen out for my client’s at Legacy Matchmaking. The list below will help you quickly identify the top 16 dating deal-breaker traps to avoid to save you time, energy, money & further heartache & headaches!

Some of these will apply to you much stronger than others. What are your top 3 deal-breakers?

  • Deal-Breaker #1: Bad Breath, Body Odor, Bad Self-Care Habits
  • Deal-Breaker #2: Addiction to Smoking, Alcohol, and/or Drugs
  • Deal-Breaker #3: Recent/or Serious Criminal History
  • Deal-Breaker #4: Cannot Drive, No Transportation
  • Deal-Breaker #5: Has Financial Issues (& is Consistently Unemployed)
  • Deal-Breaker #6: Negative Outlook on Life & Criticizes You/Everything
  • Deal-Breaker #7: Didn’t Finish High School
  • Deal-Breaker #8: Didn’t Go To College
  • Deal-Breaker #9: Insecure, Lacks Confidence
  • Deal-Breaker #10: Has No Goals, Is Not Ambitious
  • Deal-Breaker #11: Jealous & Insecure
  • Deal-Breaker #12: Family Issues
  • Deal-Breaker #13: Too Serious/Too Uptight
  • Deal-Breaker #14: Tries To Control You
  • Deal-Breaker #15: Has Toxic Friends/Family
  • Deal-Breaker #16: They Are A Cheater

P.S. I hope this helps! If you are a busy, single professional we can help you meet someone special *without* the headache of dating apps. Legacy Matchmaking is offering one free match to qualified candidates. Make a quick call to make sure you fit the criteria so we can help you 904-500-7645.



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