Hey it’s Val 😉 drumroll please…..

Which dating site is the best? Let’s see….

None of them! Let me unpack this.

ANYONE can join online dating. Anyone can be a keyboard warrior and type anything they want. Dating sites are notorious for scams, crime, & fake/outdated profiles.

Here is what you are dealing with when it comes to online dating:

😱Wasting time scrolling through profiles

  • Are pictures from 10 years ago?
  • Is this person real?
  • Is their profile information accurate? Are they still employed?
  • Do they have a criminal history?
  • Do they have a valid driver’s license and reliable transportation?
  • Are they serious about meeting someone special or are they wanting a casual hookup?

😱Do you like all of the following?

  • Getting ghosted (it’s inevitable)
  • Getting booty called (also inevitable)
  • Potentially meeting boring, dull, and drunk weirdos,
  • Possibly getting harassed, sent naughty messages, receiving ugly selfies
  • Wasting time (add up all the time you’ve spent chatting and meeting with people who are not on your level)
  • Wasting money (add up all the money you’ve spent wasting it on dates and on sites)
  • Meeting an unvetted stranger

Online dating is also a breeding ground for people who want zero commitment, and are looking to have fun/get laid.

What is the solution to this problem?

Many people near you have turned to a different approach to expedite their results of meeting someone amazing. It involves a matchmaker.

Matchmaking is the opposite of online dating. Matchmaking helps people find true love face-to-face without getting catfished online, with hand-selected quality introductions made by a certified matchmaker.

😃How does this sound?

  • Meet someone special *without* the headaches of online dating
  • Introductions are guaranteed & are tailed to your desires
  • Matches based on compatibility (similarities in key life values and life goals) rather than everyone’s usual chemistry-based “looks only” approach
  • Spend more time dating phenomenal people and zero time swiping
  • Safer more effective alternative to online dating as there are background checks & compatibility testing
  • Exclusive so not just everyone can join
  • Feedback gathered after each date to further refine your future dates


If you like this idea, let’s talk!

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